Leonor Bass

Leonor Bass is a recently published indie author who is absolutely passionated about crime, mystery novels, with just the right amount of action and also a bit of blood. If there's an attractive, mysterious detective that could be an awesome plus! 

Her recently published novel "Midnight Vigilante", has exactly the perfect amount of blood and action everyone likes! 


About The Books


The Secrets of Amber

Memories resurface and secrets are revealed

"Let me help you" Penelope said "Let me help you with the case" 

"Ms. Sandoval, this isn't a game"Jaden said "Crimes like this have never happened in Wintersea..."

"I have a sharp eye and I've always complained about it, let me give a good use to it. Please. I feel like I owe this to her" 

Midnight Vigilante

Second Edition

Riley and Julius have never met, but they have one thing in common; a life of crime.

"This is gonna be so awesome. We're gonna feel so protected now that you're with us!"

Riley scowled. "Protected? What do you think I'll fight everyone there?"

"No, but if they come back--you would, right? Defend us, I mean."

"Listen, Paige. I didn't come here to start an ongoing quarrel with anyone. I don't wanna fight, it's not my thing. I just came back to tie up some loose ends," Riley explained.


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