Leonor Bass

Hello and welcome to the story of my life! Leonor Bass aka Fran. Yes, Leonor Bass is NOT my real name. Though to be perfectly honesty with you it is sort of my middle name so I'm not cheating. 


You want to know things about me? Well, let me see:

*I started writing when I was 15. Fanfictions mostly, I have 110 stories published on FF.net. Just let me tell you, they were ...not very good. I'm still very proud of them though.

*I'm 35 years old.

*I made a bucket list. One of them was publish a book. 

*I have two brothers, 2 nephews, 2 nieces and one half-sister.

That's the personal stuff. Let's get to the writer stuff.

First and foremost I'm a very proud fanfiction writer with more than 100 (yes, you read it right) stories published at Fanfiction.net If you ever want to read it I MIGHT pass you the link. I guess that's how my obsession with crime stories begun!

I love writing about unsolved crimes, detectives who rule the school and women who kick ass and take names. I also like my detectives sweet, kind, hardworkers and hella cute. 

So if you read my stories you will get crime, blood AND romance. Nice, ah? 

My first novel "The Secrets of Amber" was published on Sept 27th 2019. It was my very first book published as an Indie Writer, and I believe it was the greatest decision I've ever made in my life. I have the link on Amazon and Goodreads if anyone is interest in buying and reading. 

My second novel "Midnight Vigilante" was published this year on Amazon. It's a crime novel with a kick-ass female as a lead, which is always fun to write and read. Now that one has indeed a lot of blood and it was my first try at writing action scenes. I ventured into and it was absolutely amazing. 

I also write paranormal stories, so far I've written three and I have secret plans with them (can't tell you or it won't be a secret!) The MC of this stories also solves crimes with her best friend, a detective named Samuel Patten, but she uses her recently discovered gift of talking to dead people.


That's all I can say about me! Thanks for stopping by and for reading about me. You can follow me on Twitter: @CamelotLady and Goodreads: Leonor Bass