Frequently Asked Questions.

What does your ideal writing day/routine look like?

I didn't have a routine before, but after the COVID happened and the quarantine started, I always write after lunch and do everything have to do, that has nothing to do with writing, in the morning. I take this as a job, so I try to stick to my routine as much as I can.

Do you use an outline or discover the story as you go?

I write an outline or a summary of what I want to add into the story. Sometimes it works, sometimes something comes up as I'm writing it, but I discovered if I write a summary its lot easier to remember where the story is supposed to go.

What was the very first story you ever wrote?

It was a fanfiction :) It wasn't the greatest story ever, but I do remember it was a Mulder/Scully romance story since I was a HUGE fan of The X Files. I'm 100% it wasn't good, but I always said I'm a fanfiction writer first because it helped me improve my writing skills.

If you could have any famous writer, living or dead, mentor you, who would it be?

This is an awesome question. I would love for Linda Fairstain or William Bernhardt to mentor me. I love them both. They write crime stories and those, as you might know, are my favorite and they're awesome writers. I had the fortune of speaking to Mr. Bernhardt asking for advice, and he was kind enough to answer all of my questions :) made my day!

What is your favorite thing to write? (can be genre, or type of character or scene)

I love writing crime stories. Its my favorite genre in the whole wide world. I always say, I know its sound weird when I say it, that I was born to write crime stories and I can't see myself writing anything else. Though I did venture into paranormal BUT there's always a crime in it too! Also, I like adding a bit of romance into the stories too. I don't know why but there's something attractive about a MC falling for a detective or vice-versa